Did Governor Walker actually say that he would never advocate for an income tax or make changes to the Permanent Fund?


No. In 2014 I said that the current deficit could be resolved without new taxes or changes to the Permanent Fund. One of the main reasons I ran four years ago was because Alaska was running a $1.6 billion deficit and nobody was talking about it. This gap between our spending and what we were bringing in could have been addressed by budget cuts alone, without a PFD reduction or any new revenue. However, days after we were elected, the price of oil collapsed, reducing state revenues by more than 80 percent. Alaska went from having the largest savings account in the country to the largest budget deficit of any state in the country — $3.7 billion — overnight. We have reduced the budget by approximately the same amount as the deficit that existed when I was running in 2014, upholding our campaign commitment. http://www.newsminer.com/opinion/community_perspectives/governor-walker-why-i-reduced-the-dividend/article_ffe46c06-8719-11e8-9ae6-a31811f97e0f.html



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