Is it true that the budget has not really been reduced under the Walker Mallott administration?


This is a myth. Part of why we ran for office in the first place was that the previous Administration passed several of the largest budgets in Alaska history, while ignoring a large budget deficit. Before we proposed any changes to our fiscal structure, we went to work to cut the budget. The Walker Mallott administration has reduced the state budget to its lowest level since 2007. We have closed over 40 state facilities, ended over 100 state programs, and reduced state payroll by over 3,000 positions. We will continue to push for every cost-saving and efficiency we can find, but the simple truth is that we are now to the point where additional broad base cuts will actually cost the state more money than they will save. The public safety crisis is just one indicator of how our ability to respond to the opioid epidemic has been inhibited by the deep cuts across all departments.



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