Is the gas line really going to happen? Should I be concerned about China’s involvement in this project?


Alaska has never been closer to a gasline, because for the first time the state has accepted our role as the sovereign owner of the resource and for developing the infrastructure and the market to make this project happen. For the first time in Alaska’s history, we now have the majority of North Slope producers signed on to sell their gas to the project, we have identified the customer, financing, and investment required to make the project viable, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has actually sped up their timeline for delivering a permit, and we have support at the highest levels of the US and Asian governments.

Don’t be fooled by the myths and rumors our opponents are trying to spread regarding this project. Neither China nor Chinese companies will own the pipeline. But as it takes steps to rapidly move away from coal and switch over to LNG, China has become the number one LNG buyer in the world. China is already Alaska’s largest trading partner and has been for years. We cannot access the gas ourselves to lower our own cost of energy unless we have the economy of scale to make the project cost-effective. This is why we must tap into the gas-hungry markets of China and also Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Learn more at



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