Bill Walker is an Independent Alaskan who has the courage to put Party politics aside -- tell Alaskans the truth -- and make the tough calls needed to put Alaska back on track.

When we entered office, the fiscal crisis jeopardized investment and jobs while partisan paralysis threatened our future. This administration ended the fiscal freefall. We reduced the deficit by $3 billion, restored Alaska’s credit rating and replaced boom-bust budgeting with a long-term fiscal plan. It wasn’t easy. We took our licks early and gained some key allies along the way. After almost four years: compromise, independent thinking, and some tough decisions have put the state back on track, bringing jobs and investment back to Alaska.

Fiscal Plan

For far too long, Alaska has been almost 100% dependent on oil to pay the bills. We knew that it was crazy to put all our eggs in one basket, but our leaders didn’t have the political courage to make any changes. Almost immediately after we took o...

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We have achieved unprecedented progress on the gas line. AKLNG will dramatically lower costs of energy, inject billions into our economy and open up trade opportunities with Asia. AKLNG can be the game-changer for our state. It will allow us to tr...

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Climate Change

Climate Change is real and Alaska is on the front lines. Our administration will continue to ensure our state can prevent, mitigate, and adapt to the effects of climate change. As Independents we had the ability to make unique progress on climate ...

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Economic Development

Early on in our term, we heard from business owners across the state that fiscal uncertainty was harming our economy and impairing growth. This was validation for all the work we did to address to implement a comprehensive fiscal plan that provid...

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The Walker record shows a deep commitment to Alaska’s education system. Our administration repeatedly held the line against cuts to school-budgets. We fought for a budget that forward-funds education and ended teacher pink-slipping. We have worked...

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In 2014, the state entered the opioid epidemic and struggled to surmount the unique obstacles of healthcare in Alaska. The pundits were deeply pessimistic about Alaska’s healthcare system. Since then, we have worked to implement practical, efficie...

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What we did Secured the ability to G.O. bond for deferred maintenance capital budget Used payroll deduction revenue to put $800 million toward the state’s deferred maintenance backlog Overcame gridlock in the legislature to pass an unwasteful ca...

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Native Sovereignty

Bill Walker honors and respects the role of Tribes in our community.  He is an advocates for equity and justice for Native people. Across State Government, we have expanded the extent to which policy makers consult, engage and defer to the diversi...

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Public Safety

The opioid crisis, oil price crash and unemployment, massive cuts to public safety, and new laws that limited state action all converged on Alaska at the same time. To respond, we attacked crime from all angles; tackling the opioid crisis, increas...

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Resource Development

If Alaska were a country it would be the 8th-most resource-rich nation in the world. Four years ago, we ran on the notion that Alaska should develop its resources its own timeline. That principle has guided our approach to resource development and...

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