Multiple Polls, Different Pollsters Show Walker-Mallott Set Up for Success Against Likely Opponent

Anchorage, Alaska

Walker approval ratings at a 2 year high: holds commanding lead with independents, rural Alaskans, and likely voters...

The Walker-Mallott campaign today released in-depth analysis of multiple polls taken over the last two months showing strong and growing support for the unity ticket over candidate Mike Dunleavy. Dunleavy is a State Senator from the Mat-Su who resigned his position at the begining of the 2018 legislative session in order to campaign.

Spokesperson for the campaign Lindsay Hobson said, "With more than half of the electorate now registered nonpartisan, Alaskans are increasingly showing that they value honesty and leadership over political posturing. Bill Walker has consistently told Alaskans the truth about our fiscal situation and made the tough decisions to protect our Permanent Fund and our PFD for the longterm. That's why he leads with independent voters, rural Alaskans, likely voters, and one in five Republicans."

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Josh Corbett