Walker Mallott Campaign Reports Over 850,000 Raised by 2nd APOC Deadline

For Immediate Release:

July 23rd, 2018

Name: Lindsay Hobson, Campaign Spokesperson

Contact: lindsay@walkermallottforalaska.com, 907-250-1270

The Walker Mallott Campaign has collectively raised more than $850,000 dollars by the second APOC deadline, with combined cash on hand of more than $440,000. Today is the second reporting deadline of the 2018 election cycle. On the first reporting deadline of February 15, 2018, the Walker Mallott campaign broke the all-time Alaska record for total fundraising and cash on hand by a Governor / Lt. Governor team at that point in the election cycle. The total amount reflects

  • $100,000 in carry-over funds from the 2014 election,

  • $430,000 raised in 2017 through the first month of 2018,

  • and more than $320,000 raised since February 2nd, 2018.

The campaign has now received over 3,800 individual donations from Republicans, Independents and Democrats from every region in the State. Most of these contributions were made at 36 fundraising events in locations all across Alaska. Since the June 1 filing deadline, the campaign has hosted events in Anchorage (6/3, 6/6, 6/28, 7/11), Palmer (6/9), Bristol Bay (6/10),  Juneau (6/18), Sitka (6/19), Fairbanks (6/20, 7/20, 7/21), Bethel (6/21), Valdez (6/22), Eagle River (7/14) and Utqiagvik (7/16). The campaign also saw hundreds of volunteers participate in fifteen 4th of July parades around the state, more than twice as many as any other campaign and more than every other campaign combined. A full list of all past and upcoming events can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pg/billwalkerforgovernor/events/.

Governor Bill Walker said: “I am humbled by the groundswell of statewide support that Byron and I have received over the last eleven months. When Alaskans contribute to our campaign, they are backing our record and the results we have achieved together. Alaskans are contributing because of the fiscal plan, the response to the opioid crisis, the 50,000 people insured through Medicaid expansion, and the progress on a gas pipeline that will create 20,000 good-paying jobs for Alaskans and slash the cost of energy in our local communities. They contribute because Alaskans respond to action, not talk.”

Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott said: “It matters a lot to me that we have stakeholders in this campaign who represent the diversity of Alaska. We have that. We have contributors of all political backgrounds, lines of work, ethnicities, income brackets and regions. Our fundraising record demonstrates that this campaign is powered by everyday Alaskans.”

Donations from individual Alaskans are especially important for Independent candidates. By Alaska statute: Democratic and Republican candidates can legally receive $100,000 in donations directly from their political parties, but Independents are limited to $500 donations from individuals and $1,000 donations from groups.

Peter Heckendorn