"Teacher" - Born and raised Alaskan Rosalind Worcester tells her own story of working hard everyday to become a better teacher for her students, only to get laid off at the end of the school year, along with hundreds of her colleagues, when the Legislature again failed to pass a fiscal plan last year.

"The value of the education we provide for our children should NOT be dictated by the price of a barrel of oil." - Governor Bill Walker

"Pink Slips" - Why did I reduce the PFD in 2016?

The decision to reduce the PFD in 2016 in response to Alaska’s fiscal crisis will be one of the defining issues of this election. Before you make up your mind on the decisions about the budget and the fiscal plan, please take a moment to watch this video.

"Two Carpenters" - This campaign is a family affair, built on a history of hard work, perseverance and commitment to Alaska. Governor Walker's brother, Bob, narrates their shared family history, and how the Governor came to have his work ethic.

"Family Game Night" - On Father's Day weekend, we tried to get Bill and Byron to take a night off work and relax with family... Results were mixed : )

"Staying on the Field" - While other elected officials resigned their positions at the begining of the legislative session in order to campaign, Bill Walker and Byron Mallott stayed the course on a sustainable fiscal plan and worked with legislators in both bodies to achieve historic progress towards ending Alaska's record budget deficit and diversifying state revenue beyond the decades-long, unilateral dependence on the price of oil.

"Why I'm Running (2014)" - "I don't like knowing what I know and not doing anything about it." The audio for this video is taken completely from speeches and interviews during the campaign in 2014. Let's be clear: the biggest threat to our Permanent Fund, our Dividend program, and Alaska's long term future is politicians who would rather talk a good game than make tough decisions.

"Shoveling Snow" - Our first video ad of the 2018 election: It's been a long winter and a long journey towards a sustainable fiscal future for Alaska over the last three and a half years. We've got farther to go, but we are grateful to all the Alaskans who've rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work tackling our challenges together.