Where do you stand on Women’s Reproductive Rights?


It is no secret that Bill is personally pro-life and that Byron is personally pro-choice. Our team is built around the idea that Alaskans with different personal beliefs can come together to make our state better. In our first term we have focused on our economic and fiscal challenges and set debates over social issues aside. We have worked tirelessly to expand and defend access to healthcare for all Alaskans, and we have consistently upheld the constitution. But we understand that recent events at the national level have put a spotlight on issues of reproductive health and that Alaskans deserve a clear sense of where we stand. In answer to those Alaskans who are concerned, let us be clear. The Alaska constitution defines a right to privacy that extends to reproductive health and precedes even the Roe v. Wade decision. An Alaska woman’s constitutional right to choose will not be reduced and will be protected during a second term of the Walker Mallott administration.



Walker for Alaska 2018